The Artistic Difference

There is an art to photography and my fingerprint will be within every file I edit. No shortcuts. Passion for your work makes all the difference among photographers. I believe your love story can become art and should live forever.

My name is Jim Rode. My team and I create beautiful photography of your engagement and wedding. Each image will be lightly retouched and enhanced. I roam the wedding capturing fabulous moments. Many images are taken to the "darkroom" where the photographs are given my sensational fine-art treatment. My team of photographers and myself serve the greater Dallas and DFW area. I can travel nationwide for destination weddings.

Your wedding, my art. In love and art, you live forever. Jim Rode

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Thursday, November 17, 2016

Jim Rode Photographer exhibited at the Colleyville Center Open House this November, 2016. Lovely venue for a wedding! Of course, if you are planning a wedding, contact me and we can meet and talk about making the event great!
Here is a 1 minute video of the evening.

decorated chair at Colleyville Center
Decorated Wedding Reception Chair at Colleyville Center

Johnny Gonzales plays guitar at Colleyville Center
 Johnny Gonzales plays at the Colleyville Center stage.

Reception decorations at the Colleyville Center
Open House at the Colleyville Center

Reception table decor at the Colleyville Center ballroom
Reception table decor at the Colleyville Center ballroom

brown wedding cake with sugared flowers
Wedding Cake at the Colleyville Center Open House

reception table lantern style candles at the Colleyville Center
reception table lantern style candles

Colleyville Center provided black glitter linens with water lily centerpiece
black glitter linens with water lily centerpieces

grand hall at the Colleyville Center with floor to ceiling windows
grand hall at the Colleyville Center with floor to ceiling windows

Monday, October 27, 2014

find your soul

It was an absolute pleasure to drop in on David Carr Jr. as he played a coffee house in Addison. No agenda, no spotlights...just simple back-to-the-roots jazz. Going back to the "beginning" can free your soul.

You can see some of the shots I got by clicking "find your soul". (Music by David Carr Jr., Images by Jim Rode Photographer)

find your soul

Wednesday, October 01, 2014

All I Need

See the video from Dallas Photographer Jim Rode - All I Need

Had a blast photographing Bod and Michelle in Dallas and the train station.

The first stop was a root beer float at Big State Drug Store. Then it was off to the train station for a few shots in front of the passing trains. Later, we walked the park, then headed for Dallas and its Art's district. We paid homage to Annie Leibovitz with a new take on her portrait of Clint Eastwood. Then we walked the cobblestone streets at the Opera House. As the sun went down, I had a few precious minutes of light to capture Bod and Michelle on the city sidewalks.

I know they will have a ton of pictures from their wedding at Piazza in the Village, but I also think it is important to capture their love for each other in the days before the wedding. 

engagement kiss on Irving train platform

Engagement Photo Irving Tx

Irving engagement photo

enagement capture Dallas Design District

engagement kiss with candy sky in Dallas Arts District

engagement on cobblestone street Dallas Arts District

romantic walk on Dallas street at sunset

romantic walk on Dallas street at sunset

Monday, September 22, 2014

Wedding - Dallas Union Station

Click here to see the wedding - there will be music!    Wedding - Dallas Union Station

even at the bar, Andi and Scott were caught holding hands

Union Station

Andi and Scott had a fabulous wedding at Union Station in Dallas. This historic building was decked out beautifully. The staircase that lead up the second floor event space had photographs from Andi and Scott's engagement that I photographed around Dallas, including photo's from the Arts District, Deep Elumn, and the Bishop Arts area. The cake was from Opulent Cakes. The lighting in the atrium's giant space created a beautiful mood. The ceremony was so wonderful! The chuppah was beautifully crafted with tiny cubicles for candles and flowers. Dots of light accented the chuppah from the rear. It was the best I've seen.

the rabbi throughs a shawl around the couple

Their first kiss at the wedding in Union Station Dallas

We arranged a series of photos on the staircase for the wedding

Wolfgang Puck Catering

The wedding catering and event services were handled by Wolfgang Puck Catering. Each table setting was perfect. A dinner hour was scheduled and flowers adorned every table. They were purposefully arranged so as not to interfere with dinner conversation. Family and guests had a wonderful time witnessing the wedding and festive reception.

Centerpieces at Dallas' Union Station

the wedding couple give thanks at thier Union Station reception

dancing the night away at the Dallas reception

We moved the table candles from the cateror to illuminate a kiss

dance with Mom with the huge window backdrop at Union Station Dallas

dance with Dad on the second story dance floor at Union Station

Trey and the Tritones rocked the building! 

I believe there is nothing like a band to rock a wedding. Trey and Tritones were a fabulous way to send the couple off with a night of dancing. Union Station is a giant space that looks 3 stories tall, yet the sound was deftly handled by the bands speaker system and musicians.

Andi dances at her Union Station reception

bride and groom in Hora dance at wedding - Union Station Dallas

The reception and dance goes into the night at the Union Station wedding.

Trey and the Tritones provide music for the wedding at Union Station.

Wedding band Wolfgang Puck Catering Dallas

Bridesmaids enjoying every moment of toast at the Dallas wedding.

Passion for Fine Art Weddings

I believe that every wedding day I photograph becomes a milestone in my memory. It restores my heart. Love, laughter and tears are the heightened emotions of the heart which I get to photograph. Creating fine-art images from these moments is my passion. It is what I do. Calling myself a photographer seems inadequate. I hear so many people who say they hate their jobs being tied to a computer…me? No way. I take a photograph of two people in love and work the images until they can hang art on their wall. It is my canvas, my paint, my pleasure. No snapshot will do! That's how I feel.

I give this art to the couple to begin their family history. They doctorate their walls. These images can create fine art coffee table books to show to guests and family, to be given as gifts. A great photograph is a gift of yourself to others. I love being a part of the decor in many homes. It is my passion, my pleasure. I believe that in art, we live forever. Jim Rode

Opulant Cakes of Colleyville provided the cake for the wedding at Union Station.

photos from the Staircase Getaway Union Station Wedding

Poppers in Getaway at Union Station Wedding

Night getaway from the wedding at Union Station

The couple waves goodnight from the back window of their limo.

Do your have a great love story? See more at Dallas fine-art wedding photographer.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Wedding at the Lancaster Theater, Grapevine Texas

Click to see the wedding, there will be music!  Wedding at the Lancaster Theater, Grapevine Texas

Erin and Phil were married at the Lancaster Theater on Main Street in Grapevine, Texas. Their names were on the Palace marquee! After their first dance, they boldly visited the marquee and walked the streets for a few minutes while cars honked and people waved. Capturing their kisses in the crosswalk on Main Street at sunset was a thrill.


More can be found at Fine-Art Weddings in DFW.
Each image is color corrected, retouched for blemishes and artistically enhanced using computer painting programs. Working with fantastic people like Erin and Phil make creating fine art weddings the thrill of my life! 

wedding kiss on Main Street Grapevine, texas

showing off the gown at her Grapevine wedding.

kiss on Main Street under the marquee

Saturday, July 05, 2014

Sam and Drew at the Ruthe Jackson Center

Click to see the wedding, there will be music!  Sam and Drew at the Ruthe Jackson Center

Samantha and Drew had a beautiful June wedding at the Ruthe Jackson Center (RJC) in Grand Prairie Texas. Her mother escorted her down the aisle and they looked gorgeous.

blue themed floral centerpiece Ruthe Jackson Center ballroom

projected "D" on ballroom wall at Ruthe Jackson Center

Gobo lighting and music was provided by Randy Ro Entertainment.

bride and groom hold hands without peeking at RJC in Grand Prairie

balloon release at Ruthe Jackson Center in memorandum of love ones

There was a balloon release in remembrance of those recently passed. They were with us today. After the wedding, the couple danced the night away in the Grand Ballroom of RJC. It was a perfect night.

Mom walks the bride down the aisle at her Grand Prairie wedding.

bride and groom return down the aisle after their RJC wedding from Peter Andrews.

the bridal party enters and quickly grabs a photo self-shot

the first dance in the ballroom at the Grand Prairie wedding.

Sunset weddings at the Ruthe Jackson Center
I use HDR camera techniques and a lot of work in the darkroom to create the low light photos for sunset garden weddings at the Ruthe Jackson Center. It involves bracketing the shots, layering them together, removing elements from two of the layers for perfect skin tones, then adding clarity to details. I'm very careful with flash so I do not white out that expensive gown. Not only that, it allows me to use the ambient light that is available in the scene. Afterwards, in the computer, I can move the photograph into a fine art rendition.

stealing a kiss in the gardens at the Ruthe Jackson Center wedding

In the gardens in the dark, the bride and groom have a chance to talk.

When a friend offers to photograph your wedding...
Too many people have friends who offer to photograph the wedding. The results are often sad. When they ask, simply say 'No, we want you there as a friend, not a worker.' The wedding is a high-pressure, get-it-right event that doesn't allow for mistakes and do-overs. And it is this way from beginning to end. For 6, 7, 8 hours or more the newly is being tested to come up with great images that will not only last a lifetime, but be loved by the couples children. Some day, your children will inherit your wedding book. It will be a glimpse into their family history. Will it be awesome? Or will it be a dark boring secret fail they find hidden in the closet they clean out? What would you give right now for an awesome image of your parents?

Pictures become your family legacy…the very ones you want your children to cherish when they are older need to become art, not snapshots that "saved" you two hundred dollars by using a weekend photographer. Worse, the family friend who is just "starting out" but is free is a poor choice. Believe me, that is no wedding gift, it is a wedding curse. Thirty years from now you'll roll your eyes at what you lost for price of two months of cable television. Most images shot by non-wedding photographers cannot be repaired. Those moments are gone forever.

Your Legacy in Wedding Photography
The images you hang on your wall are not only for yourself, they are for your children to see when they come home from school. They need to grow up in a home where they know there is love. They need to know they are born of love, and they belong.